Dimitri Papamoschou
Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Henry Samueli School of Engineering
University of California, Irvine

Current and Recent Lab Members
Kyle Miller
David Morata, PhD
Andres Adam, PhD
Juntao Xiong, PhD
Research Projects

Our projects involve a blend of experiments, theory, and computation. The are currently focused on predicting and reducing aircraft noise, and fall under the following broad categories:

- Development of low-order models for the prediction of jet noise and fan noise in isolated and installed configurations.

- Noise reduction of high-speed jets by reshaping of the plume, including optimization of the nozzle geometry.

- Advanced microphone phased-array methods for the detection and characterization of aeroacoustic sources.



Gallery of some recent and past developments

The UCI Aeroacoustics Lab features an anechoic chamber equipped with advanced microphone diagnostics. Jet flows and rotors can be tested in isolated and integrated configurations. Picture shows installation of a ducted fan. 

Control station of aeroacoustics facility.  

Deployment of near-field microphone array including a scanning sensor.


Three-stream nozzle with asymmetric features that reduce noise of high-speed jets emitted towards the ground.

Small-scale ducted fan simulating the characteristics of ulta-high-bypass fans.  Rotor spins at  ~ 55000 RPM.

Improvement in the spatial resolution of a localized noise source enabled by the addition of a single scanning sensor to a microphone phased array.

Large eddy simulation (LES) helps identify critical surfaces in complex multi-stream jets.  These surfaces play a key role in the development of low-order models for the prediction of noise.

LES can help unravel the physics of sound generation by turbulence, here in a single-stream Mach 0.9 jet (collaboration with C. Bogey at Ecole Centrale de Lyon).

From an older project, schlieren image of supersonic flow separation in a 2D nozzle.

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