Jet injection into a supersonic cross flow is a basic way of introducing fuel into a supersonic combustor. Engines with supersonic combustors are needed for hypersonic vehicles with airbreathing propulsion. Shown here are some pictures of gaseous injection tests conducted at UCI a few years ago. It is hoped that these experiments will continue with liquid injection into a supersonic cross flow using our special mixing enhancement methods to distribute fuel evenly inside the combustor.

Cross-stream: Air at Mach 2.0

Jet Mach number : 1.0 2.1 2.8 3.5
Momentum ratio        
5.3 Helium Helium Helium Helium
8.3   Helium Helium Helium


Cross-stream: Air at Mach 3.0

Jet Mach number : 2.1 2.8
Momentum ratio    
3.0 Helium Helium
5.3   Helium

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