Recent Graduates

Erin Abbey  (MS)  Northrop Grumman
Ali Dadvar  (MS)  B/E Aerospace
Marco Debiasi  (PhD)  National University of Singapore
Thomas Dixon (MS) US Navy, Lieutenant
Sky Ellsworth (MS) Ingeniri
Andrew Johnson (MS, PhD) Alcon 
Daniel (Tae) Kim (MS) 
Salvador Mayoral (MS, PhD)  CSUF
Erina Murakami (MS, PhD)  Aerospace Corporation
Preben Nielsen (MS)  OneSubsea, Australia
Shervin Taghavi Nezhad* (PhD)  SpaceX
Kimberley Nishi (MS)  SpaceX
Vincent Phong (MS, PhD) Specialist, UCI-MAE
Sara Rostamimonjezi (MS, PhD)  General Electric Global Research
Rebecca Shupe (MS) 
Alexander Truong (MS) PhD program, UCI-MAE 
Andreas Zill (MS) Pankl Aerospace Group

Past  Projects

Transonic Turbulent Mixing
Eddy Convection in Coaxial Jets
Eddy Convection in Compressible Shear Layers
Ejector Performance
Thermodynamics of Compressible Mixing
Counterflow shear layers
Scramjet Injection
Heliox Respiration
Optical technique for measurement of the spectrum of turbulence

* Joint with Prof. Feng Liu