University of California, Irvine
Aeroacoustics Lab


Sponsorhip:  NASA Langley Research Center (through Penn State University)

In our laboratory we are using microphone arrays,  sometimes in combination with flow field measurements, to understand and model the distribution of jet noise sources in turbulent high-speed jets.    Models include point-source (incoherent) distributions as well as coherent wavepackets.  Advanced deconvolution methods are used to get clearer representation of the incoherent distribution and minimization techniques are used in identifying wavepacket parameters.   Optical deflectometry (developed at Penn State) provides information that guides the inversion methods toward physical solutions.

Collaborators:  Professors Dennis McLaughlin and Phil Morris (Penn State University)

Publication: Papamoschou, D., Morris, P.J., and McLaughlin, D.K.,   "Beamformed Flow-Acoustic Correlations in High-Speed Jets,"  AIAA Journal,   Vol. 48, No.10, 2010, pp. 2445-2453.  (PDF)

aod.jpg (49287 bytes)

Multipoint flow field and acoustic measurements for detection of jet noise sources. 

m90_source.jpg (106342 bytes)


Deconvolved map of noise source for a Mach 0.9 jet

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