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A subtle change in the nozzle shape of the outer stream causes the flow to mix more vigorously.  This phenomenon is exploited to enhance mixing in a variety of applications

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The phenomenon exemplified by these images involves axial injection of a gas at special conditions that lead to:

  • Enhanced mixing of the gas itself.   This is called Jet Self Excitation (JSE).  See an example.

  • Enhanced mixing of an arbitrary flow (gas or liquid) adjacent to or surrounded by the unstable gas.  This is called  Mixing Enhancement via Secondary Parallel Injection  (MESPI).   See an example.

The mixing enhancement mechanism has been traced to instabiliy of the shock system in supersonic nozzle flow separation.

Potential applications

  • Exhaust of aircraft engines for thermal signature reduction. 
  • Ejectors for aircraft engines and for pumps. 
  • Fuel injectors for automotive, aircraft, and scramjet engines. 
  • Gas mixing in chemical lasers. 
  • Spray injectors for materials processing and coating applications. 

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